Girl, 29, who fulfilled her 48-yr-outdated fiancé on Tinder suggests he’s mistaken for her FATHER


A bride-to-be engaged to a man nearly 20 years her senior has claimed that she has been accused of being a ‘gold-digger’ for the reason that of their age variance.  

Taylor-Rae Hamilton, 29, and 48-yr-outdated organization proprietor John Falconer, from Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, fulfilled on relationship application Tinder just 7 months in the past. 

The few say they regularly encounter cruel feedback from passersby who say he ‘looks like her grandfather’ – and claims some strangers even stop to snap images of them. 

John, who is the same age as Taylor-Rae’s mother, popped the concern and the few are setting up to wed in August 2022.   

Now, Taylor-Rae is talking out to ‘normalise’ age hole interactions, urging individuals to ‘always do what makes you happy’ no make a difference what individuals might say.

Taylor-Rae Hamilton, 29, and 48-year-old business owner John Falconer, from Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, pictured, are regularly bombarded with negative comments online about their age difference

Taylor-Rae Hamilton, 29, and 48-yr-outdated organization proprietor John Falconer, from Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, pictured, are regularly bombarded with unfavorable feedback on the internet about their age variance

People tell Taylor-Rae that John looks old enough to be her grandfather, but she doesn't let that get to her. Pictured: the couple together

Individuals convey to Taylor-Rae that John appears to be like outdated ample to be her grandfather, but she would not permit that get to her. Pictured: the few together 

‘People think a 20-yr age hole is controversial but as for us it really is absolutely ordinary,’ discussed Taylor-Rae. ‘Some individuals make feedback about me being a gold digger or little one bride on social media.

‘It’s typically in which individuals really feel like they can conceal driving a screen and publish what they really feel like they want to publish and it really is quite unfortunate. 

‘When we are out in general public in human being it really is much more the appears to be like, the whispers, the nudges, the pictures being taken.

‘I’m so small as very well. I am only 5ft one and also very petite physique-smart and John’s just around 6ft so it makes me look even youthful once again.

‘When they are nudging each other and wanting they could probably be mistaking us for father and daughter.’

The couple are engaged and Taylor-Rae loves to show off her impressive engagement ring, pictured

The few are engaged and Taylor-Rae loves to exhibit off her spectacular engagement ring, pictured

Taylor-Rae loves to pamper herself and likes to look glamourous, pictured, so people have accused her of being a gold-digger

Taylor-Rae loves to pamper herself and likes to look glamourous, pictured, so individuals have accused her of being a gold-digger 

‘I look like a tiny lady standing beside him – we are keeping fingers and I’ve got my engagement ring on.

‘When I see individuals staring and using shots when we are out I hug him even much more, hold his hand even much more and say ‘give me a kiss’.

‘I’m often very glamorous. I often have my major glasses on, a single of my major bags and John will typically have his shorts and flip flops on.

‘People do judge and assume. John laughs about it and suggests to me “do they genuinely think that by asking if I am your father or grandad that it really is insulting me?”,’ she included. 

Taylor-Rae said John doesn't care about other people's looks or remarks, and said he was happy to be with her

Taylor-Rae mentioned John would not care about other people’s appears to be like or remarks, and mentioned he was delighted to be with her 

‘It would not insult him, individuals think it really is a very low jab but he just suggests “I am the a single that pulled her”.’

Taylor-Rae fulfilled father-of-3 John just after swiping right on him on Tinder in September 2019.

Right after exchanging a few of messages, Taylor-Rae requested to connect with him and the pair chatted for 3 several hours.

‘I downloaded the application out of boredom, I was just swiping and then I matched with him,’ discussed Taylor-Rae. ‘I only had his identify John and his age and that was it.

John, pictured in bed, often wear shorts and flip-flops and his beard makes people think he is older than he actually is

John, pictured in mattress, usually wear shorts and flip-flops and his beard makes individuals think he is older than he really is 

‘There was no information and facts on him so it was not as if I saw a profile and I was equipped to look him up and think ‘oh my god there is a man who could be a sugar daddy’.

‘I think what caught my eye was his smile and his eyes. He has these type, delighted eyes – when he smiles his eyes just sparkle.

‘I’m fairly witty so we had a fantastic chuckle on the phone and we just talked about who we had been and what we do.

‘We chatted about a entire number of subjects, we just got on genuinely very well. He got my humour, and not several individuals do.

‘John mentioned he was anxious coming to see me for the reason that he imagined I was likely to be a catfish. He could not believe that me being so young that I desired to go out with him.’

The following day they fulfilled up for their first date in Belfast for evening meal and a movie and just six weeks later John whisked her absent to New York for a intimate five-day take a look at.

Taylor-Rae mentioned that her mum Leesa Hamilton was delighted that her daughter had identified somebody who designed her delighted.

The couple even have a pet monkey they look after together, pictured, who they have called Winston

The few even have a pet monkey they look just after together, pictured, who they have referred to as Winston 

Taylor-Rae, pictured with Winston, reveals it was hard to break the news of her age gap relationship to her father

Taylor-Rae, pictured with Winston, reveals it was really hard to split the news of her age hole romance to her father

But the fashion admirer conceded her 52-yr-outdated father Keith Hamilton was initially wary and worried that John was only interested in flaunting her on his arm.

However, Taylor-Rae suggests the pair are now ‘like two peas in a pod’ just after John crafted a thoughtful text describing his honest intentions, and that Keith ‘spoils him’.

Taylor-Rae discussed: ‘My mum and father had been young mom and dad. My mum’s virtually a sister to me, she was great about it.

‘I slowly and gradually broke it to my father that John was a whole lot older than me and has skilled substantially much more in daily life and he was a wee bit protective.

‘He didn’t want an older man using edge of me being a young, glamorous lady as some arm candy and showpiece.

John told Taylor-Rae's disgruntled father he totally 'understood where he was coming from' in a letter

John told Taylor-Rae’s disgruntled father he absolutely ‘understood in which he was coming from’ in a letter 

The couple, pictured, met in September 2019 and got engaged in 2020 after eight months of dating

The few, pictured, fulfilled in September 2019 and got engaged in 2020 just after 8 months of relationship

‘My dad’s very close to me and he’s been the only man which is by no means permit me down my entire daily life, he’s been these a fantastic father.

‘He’s noticed the heartbreak I’ve been via before with individuals using edge so I think he felt a wee bit nervous.

‘John absolutely recognized and despatched him a very well-worded message declaring “I absolutely understand in which you might be coming from and how you really feel”.

‘It was a fantastic size of time before they fulfilled, that a single text message just lightened it all.

‘It makes me chuckle now for the reason that the two of them are like two peas in a pod, they get on so very well.

‘I think for the reason that time has shown this is these a authentic romance and my father is aware of it now and he spoils him in a way.’

Inspite of the age hole, Taylor-Rae mentioned she realized John was the a single just after their trip to New York.

Petite Taylor-Rae, pictured, has learned to ignore other people's mean remarks about her relationship

Petite Taylor-Rae, pictured, has learned to disregard other people’s indicate remarks about her relationship 

The couple, pictured, were aware that their age gap was 'an elephant in the room,' but knew they were very compatible

The few, pictured, had been aware that their age hole was ‘an elephant in the space,’ but realized they had been very compatible 

‘Once we came back from New York I realized this was the human being I genuinely desired to be with – and him way too,’ she discussed. ‘From the begin we realized there was a hole, an elephant in the space, but as time went on we realized we had been very suitable.

‘We have a whole lot of chemistry, our humour is precisely the same and our ambition in daily life is very comparable.

‘We’re each very type and supplying individuals, [for illustration] simple factors like if I run a bathtub and have his jammies and slippers out for him, the following night time he’ll do a thing comparable. We are very supplying, it really is a pretty mutual balance in between the two of us.’

John got down on a single knee and proposed with a personalized-designed diamond ring in April 2020 and the pair are now wanting forward to their wedding next yr.

Taylor-Rae mentioned: ‘During lockdown on a single of our date nights he just dropped to his knee and requested me to marry him.

‘Of system I mentioned of course, so got the ring on the finger, designed all the phone calls – I was so ecstatic.

‘My ring is beautiful, it really is huge. He is aware of me – go major or go dwelling. It is really a personalized-designed cathedral location ring with a awesome major diamond in the center. Everybody often admires it.

‘I identified John very attractive from the begin but I really feel we did it the right way. We took that time to genuinely date, get to know each other a whole lot much more and fell in adore with the entire being.

Taylor-Rae (pictured) showing her engagement ring. The 29-year-old admitted she's struggled with her self-esteem her whole life

Taylor-Rae (pictured) exhibiting her engagement ring. The 29-yr-outdated admitted she’s struggled with her self-esteem her entire life 

She ongoing: ‘My entire daily life I’ve battled an dreadful whole lot with my very own self-esteem and my very own self-self-assurance.

‘I’m fairly a glamorous human being – I adore all my make-up and tan and fake hair and my lip fillers and all that but I really feel like John has designed me adore myself in the right way and brought out the best in me.

‘He’s this tiny puzzle piece that was often missing and I really feel he loves me for who I am and not the impression that I portray.

‘I can run close to the property with no eyebrows on and my hair tied up like Pass up Trunchbull and he will nonetheless adore me as substantially as I would be wholly glammed up.’

The bride-to-be mentioned that you should really ‘grab what makes you happy’ romance-smart when it arrives along and to disregard naysayers.

Taylor-Rae mentioned: ‘I would say to anyone in an age-hole romance, often do what makes you delighted and be with the human being who makes you delighted.

Taylor-Rae (pictured popping champagne) said John was the 'puzzle piece' that had always been missing

Taylor-Rae (pictured popping champagne) mentioned John was the ‘puzzle piece’ that had often been missing 

‘At the stop of the day individuals are likely to converse about you in any case regardless of what you do in daily life and they are the individuals that do not make a difference.

‘If that human being delivers a thing fantastic to your daily life then go with it. Life’s really hard and if that human being delivers any type of hope or joy or gentle to your daily life grab it with each fingers and do not permit go of them.

‘With youthful adult males we may well have appeared much more matched in pictures but deep down your smiles can conceal a whole lot of discomfort.

‘I’m approaching thirty but I’ve often had a very outdated head, I’ve often been very experienced for my age.’

When it arrives to unfavorable feedback, Taylor-Rae mentioned trolls are the types with the difficulty, not them.

Taylor-Rae mentioned: ‘We’re living our best life, we are delighted with each other, we are loyal to each other, we know we’ve got a fantastic, trusting and delighted romance.

The couple are seen enjoying fine dining with a view at the Gherkin in London during one of their date nights

The few are noticed making the most of great dining with a view at the Gherkin in London during a single of their date nights 

‘We even ended up getting a monkey referred to as Winston together way too. It’s these a delighted dwelling, we have a chuckle all the time. I am blessed.

‘Anyone who delivers any negativity to our romance – it really is them bringing it. They are the types with the difficulty, not us.

‘I really feel I’ve finally identified my happiness, you have to kiss a number of toads before you uncover your prince.

‘I often say driving each individual dark cloud there is a pretty rainbow. John’s unquestionably my rainbow.’

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