Huge 27-storey apartment block to be built in Cardiff city centre


A 27-storey apartment block will be built in Cardiff city centre after the local council granted planning permission.

The tower, with 188 apartments, will now be built at Crawshay Court on Curran Road just south of Cardiff Central railway station.

Planning permission was granted despite some concerns about the amount the money developers would provide towards affordable housing elsewhere and previous concerns about bicycle storage.

Cardiff council’s planning committee voted on July 22 to grant permission after criticising previous plans last month for not having enough space to store bicycles.

In June, the committee sent plans for the tower block back for negotiation, as they only had space for 100 bicycles. Now, the developers Urban Centric have said there will be space for 200, instead.

Councillor Mike Jones-Pritchard said: “It’s a fantastic improvement to have an extra 100 spaces. I have no concerns about the scheme now.”

But one councillor did raise concerns at the meeting about Section 106 money — which developers must pay towards local infrastructure — as only £41,000 will go towards building affordable housing elsewhere in Cardiff.

Council planners originally asked the developers to contribute £2.7 million to go towards affordable housing.

Cllr Ali Ahmed said: “We need to improve on Section 106 and social housing if we are to support some of our vulnerable friends, colleagues and residents who have been waiting for housing for many years now. This is something we need to do.

“I do like the building, and high rise buildings in some parts of the city. But we can’t let these big companies get away with giving out X amount.

“With a plan and development like this, we need to get more out of them for our city. Because they are investing in our city, they’re going to benefit from this development, and the council needs to benefit as well.”

The developer will now pay £550,000 Section 106 money in total, which will be spent on things like new school places and improving community facilities.

The tower block will have 120 one-bedroom apartments, 66 two-bed apartments, and two three-bed apartments.

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