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Jack Shenker’s devastating report on the Napier barracks (Locked in a barracks with Covid functioning rampant. Is this any way to address asylum seekers?, 27 January) lays out elementary inquiries of who we genuinely are as a persons and our boundaries of cruelty in the direction of the “other”, who so inconveniently and persistently continue to keep coming below to seek out sanctuary.

He calls out the “dystopian vision” of asylum policy, as built express in the barracks. But we have glimpsed this presently: remember the terrifying 2019 Tv set collection Decades and Decades, where persons were coming on boats across the Channel, crammed into decaying ex-military barracks in the center of a lethal pandemic and deserted there to let mother nature take its study course? And remember, too, the higher barbed-wire fences and gates around the estates where poor persons lived?

The guys in the barracks are acutely mindful of their status as considerably less than human they complain of currently being taken care of like animals. The German language encapsulates their plight in its helpful idea of the Untermensch. The House Office environment is as very clear as it is achievable to be, that this team of persons, now grotesquely referred to as “company buyers”, justifies the absolute minimum we can offer.

At this pivotal second of nationwide re-self-identification, we are currently being examined to see how a great deal inhumanity we will settle for, as the House Office environment sites its agenda ever more blatantly into the general public area. Be in no doubt: what it can get away with in a inhabitants that doesn’t make any difference will notify what then is achievable to inflict on the future layer of modern society, and then the just one soon after that – until eventually, as Martin Niemöller once lamented in his poem “To start with they came …”, they get to you and me.
Felicity Laurence
Hastings, East Sussex

• Re the disgusting treatment method of refugees at the Napier barracks (Asylum seekers convey to of dire ailments at Kent barracks soon after fire, 31 January), the simple fact that charities in Folkestone have been prevented from giving aid is disgraceful a law enforcement investigation is no excuse. Flexibility from Torture has a petition on-line that just one can indication to need the closure of these sites. Anybody with a sense of decency should do so instantly.
Vivien and Charles Rowe
Folkestone, Kent

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